How do we feed? Naturally

We feed a natural diet, the composition of which includes any type of meat and offal (beef, turkey, chicken, pork, fish, game, veal, lamb, rabbit ...), raw flesh bones, as we must NEVER give the dog bones cooked or otherwise heat-treated , because heat treatment changes their structure and their fragments can then fatally hurt the dog), side dishes (fruit, vegetables, rice, boiled potatoes, cereal side dishes), dairy products (goat's milk, acidophilic and kefir milk, cottage cheese, fatty white yogurt and sour cream), eggs, oils and herbs...

It may seem that feeding a dog a raw diet is more expensive than feeding granulated food, but if we consider the prices of premium and super premium granules, then the monthly costs are at least comparable, but often lower. If we buy meat for human use, feeding will of course become more expensive, but today there are many companies specializing in the production and sale of quality feed meat, and here the cost of feeding will be significantly lower.

Of course, it's all about habit and it's clear that feeding BARF is more time consuming than feeding a granulated diet, but the sight of a healthy, happy and beautifully muscled dog is more than a reward for any owner. From my own experience, I recommend Kateřina Novosádová's book - BARF (Feeding the Dog with a Natural Diet) or the book Natural Dog Food by Mrs. Sussane Reinerth to anyone who has decided to feed a natural diet.