We are pleased by your interest in the breed Appenzeller Mountain Dog (Appenzeller Sennenhund), which is in our breeding station represented by three females: CARAMEL BONBON Tail Twisted (Kapka),  ANEMONE Lucky Droplet (Mína) and DINA Lucky Droplet (Didi). Although our first dog female has a beautiful pedigree name Caramel Bonbon, we spontaneously started to call her Kapka ("Droplet" in English) due to the unique marking on her chest in the shape of a water drop. Henceforth the name of our kennel - Lucky Droplet

Our females successfully participate at many dog shows (all of them are the Winners of the Czech Club shows (best female of the Show), they are Beuty multi Champions. We train Obedience and Nosework detection where they passed many exams. Caramel and Anemone passed Natural Herding Aptitude test (FCI NHAT). We expect similar predispositions for work and typical character with our future litters.

The founding female of our breeding station is a show successful and working dog CARAMEL BONBON Tail Twisted (Kapka). The next representative is a daughter of Caramel, a female from our own first litter - ANEMONE Lucky Droplet (Mína, born 2018) and from Kapka´´ s last litter - DINA Lucky Droplet (born 2022). Our females have nadstandard health examinations with excellent results. Our dogs live with us an active and happy life as family members.

Main goal and wish of our Kennel is to bring fully socialized puppies, bred with love and the best care possible in the family circle to our interested takers. The breeding couple for every litter is carefully chosen, with the priority of being the carriers of great health, typical appearance, and balanced temperament. We wish to stay in touch with the owners of the puppies from our litters and we are ready to answer all questions concerning to taking care of the puppies, its training, dog shows or breeding.

How it all began...

The idea of a dog breed, which will be a member of our family for many and many years was not clear at first. What we knew for sure was only the fact that we wanted a female because we had experience with them since childhood.

The selection of the right dog breed for our family was narrowed down by a few criteria: we wished for an active and naturally intelligent family dog without the inclination to hunt, ideally medium-sized, without the constant need of taking care of its hair and appearance. It should be our companion during active vacations and at the same time, it should be able to successfully participate in dog sports and be able to be easily trained for obedience. Taking into account the fact that during our absence it would stay outside in the garden all year roud, our dog breed should be tough and with the assumption of good health. And finaly, it should be a good guard dog.

The best things come unexpectedly...One day I have found an online picture of a beautiful and strong dog, tricolored, with smart eyes and cheerful face... and suddenly it was clear. After few months of gathering pieces of information, searching, and waiting, luck was on our side and we found the kennel Tail Twisted. And from there, in summer 2015, we brought home our first female puppy Caramel Bonbon Tail Twisted, our beloved Kapka.

Our life with Appenzellers...

Before we brought our dream dog home, I tried to gather as much information as possible about the behavior and the needs of rasing the Appenzeller mountain dog. One can often read about the intelligent, temperament and loyal dog which loves its family, is a good guardian, untrusty towards strangers, and needs consistent socialization and training. We've always had dogs in our family, but I decided to trust the well meant opinion of experienced breeders of Appenzellers, and at the same time I also listened to my heart and sense.

Appenzeller is a very empathetic dog and it needs to be in close contact with its family. When it is excluded from its family, Appenzeller and the owner loses the opportunity to make a unique relationship based on trust and friendship. We achieved the ideal relationship and harmonious life by setting clear rules, being patient, and being a leader who is kind yet firm at the same time. Our bitches never destroyed anything in the house and if they do something they should not, they will know very well by the intonation of our voice that we mean our words seriously. They are very fixated on each member of our family and they are the happiest when we are all together. Their welcoming ceremonies and the showing of their joy are just pure happiness and it doesn't matter if we were away for a day or only for five minutes.

When speaking about the training and education of an Appenzeller, one simple rule applies: you will have exactly that dog that you will bring up. I recommend the path of consistency and patience, without using physical punishments. You need to express and show clearly what you want from your dog and also what you don't want, but at the same time, you need to stay calm and keep the dog's trust and respect. Some adult Appenzellers are not friends with every dog they meet, but with dogs and other animals who they know and are used to, they have an absolutely unproblematic relationship. When they meet strangers, they usually keep their distance and they are ready to protect their family and their pack. For their future interactions with other dogs and people, natural socialization is absolute necessary - not only during the puppy age but it is important during the first years of as well. Sometimes I come across a magazine article or facebook discussion where someone claims that people should purchase an Appenzeller only if they have previous experience with dogs. I don't think it is that much true. It is not important how many dogs you had before Appenzeller or if any, but what is truly important is being a leader that knows what he wants, being a leader that is healthily confident, consistent, kind, and one that will enjoy the happiness and the connection between the dog and the owner. I don't want to claim the opinion that we should allow the dog to behave as it wants, quite the opposite in fact - this dog has to feel that you are the one who makes the decisions and clearly tells him what to do in each situation and awaits your gestures and instructions. It is up to you if you will understand the dog's questions and answer them in a way the dog will be able to understand... And if you will, your dog will do anything for you.

Appenzeller mountain dog will be happy to participate in any work or dog sport you choose. Its origin predisposes it for wide usage at a farm, where it can be used as working partner, a shepherd dog and an excellent guardian, or you can train it in most of cynological activities (sport cynology, agility, tracking, rescue, obedience, canicross, frisbee, flyball and many other kinds of activities) or it can be a loyal friend, family dog and guard dog. Appenzeller is simply universal and hard worker.

During the important age of their adolescence we participated in many and many trips with Kapka and Mína, we often invited friends with small children and through this natural way we taught our dogs to meet new people, places, noises, kind and well behaved dogs, and other animals. Each time it was the priority for us to be able to control their safety and to have each experience positive and so it was easier to keep their trust in us and in the surrounding world.

Appenzellers are physically strong and they enjoy and love movement in every form. They are excellent swimmers and they love water games. Our girls are typical representatives of this breed in this case, because swimming and activities in the water is our favorite way of adding a variety to our walks from spring until late autumn. Altogether they are very playful dogs and they put every bit of joy and energy into any activity. The same happiness comes when some member of our family puts on their running shoes and decides to go jogging in the woods or fields... the fifteen-kilometer long run is barely a reason to be out of breath for them. As the opposite of physical activity, it is also beneficial to participate in a mental kind of work. Dog brain teasers or noseworks are excellent tools for putting off some stress and for relaxation. Despite the fact that Appenzellers love to work and to move, they like to rest and relax with us. They simply love doing anything that the owners do, being it the usual garden work, family celebrations, really helpful assistance during cooking (because almost always something yummy falls down on the ground), or just our favorite walks and trips in nature in any weather conditions.

The fact that our dogs carry the genes of their ancestors - herding dogs - is fully showing during the family walks and trips: when someone is just a little further away from the rest, they immediately start to circle around, running from one member of the pack to another and they try to gather us together again, which is sometimes accompanied by their typical barking. When they achieve the round-up of their "herd", they put on the most serious but happy face and are very satisfied. One of the pros of the Appenzellers is the absence of the hunting inclinations. This is quite common trait for the Appenzellers breed.

Appenzeller mountain dog is a smart and loving dog with which you will not understand what the word boredom means.

Our Kennel is a member of the Czech Club of Swiss Dogs.

Our kennel is registered under the international organization FCI and all of our puppies receive an official FCI Pedigree.